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CECRL Evaluation Test 11 CECRL Evaluation Test 11
Language Proficiency Tests (scolaire)
Practice and pass the test that will allow you to get a European level
Diwali Diwali
Communicate daily (Hobby)
Diwali is a people oriented festival when enmities are forgotten and families and friends meet to enjoy and establish a world of closeness. As the light from within shines through, the ignorance that blinds us fades away!
introductory session introductory session
Learn how to present in public and know the vocabulary associated . Through role plays and exercises , your teacher will lead you to introduce yourself.
Food that is prepared during Diwali Food that is prepared during Diwali
Communicate daily (Hobby)
in most Indian homes, food is at the centre of our culture and family get-togethers, and as such, it forms the focal point for Diwali celebrations
TOEIC Short Conversations Exercise 1 TOEIC Short Conversations Exercise 1
Language Proficiency Tests (scolaire)
TOEIC Part 3 : listen ten short conversations, each with 3 questions. For each question, choose the answer which you think fits best according to what you hear.
How Diwali is celebrated across the country How Diwali is celebrated across the country
Communicate daily (Hobby)
Diwali is celebrated on a nation-wide scale on Amavasya - the 15th day of the dark fortnight of the Hindu month of Ashwin, (October/November) every year. It symbolizes that age-old culture of India which teaches to vanquish ignorance
TOEIC Question Response Exercise 1 TOEIC Question Response Exercise 1
Language Proficiency Tests (scolaire)
TOEIC Question Respones: Listen carefully to the audio played and select the correct answers to the questions below the player. These exercises will help you practice and improve your business listening skills.
Travel to India for Diwali Travel to India for Diwali
Communicate daily (Hobby)
While lighting lamps and bursting crackers form the main part of the festivities, there is much more to this festival. Here’s a list of places that one should visit to catch the celebrations during Diwali in India.
The interrogation The interrogation
Juniors-High school
Expression of inquiry that invites the other to respond . Would you go to the cinema ? would you go on vacation ? Grammar lessons with practical exercises .
Alphabet A To H Alphabet A To H
Learn the alphabet with simple words and correctly pronounce the letters . The teacher uses fun exercises for good memory and understanding