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CECRL Evaluation Test 11 CECRL Evaluation Test 11
Language Proficiency Tests (scolaire)
Practice and pass the test that will allow you to get a European level
Conducting Business Meetings Conducting Business Meetings
Business English
Every company, whether it has 2 employees or 2000, holds meetings in the normal course of getting things done .
Free Discussion around the subject you are interested in Free Discussion around the subject you are interested in
Communicate Daily (Hobby)
Choose vote and decide about the theme of the day, it is you who are driving the current through your desires. This course has no support ,...
Programme For Children 7-16 years
Learn how to present themselves in public , the teacher helps you through exercises and role plays to give you the keys to successfully...
Job Interview Skills Job Interview Skills
Business English
Pass a job interview is not easy , this course is a preparation for this exercise . Conversation classes to prepare for a job interview .
Working From Home - Part I Working From Home - Part I
Business English
More and more people are working from home to meet a new need for freedom and autonomy.
Asian Architecture Asian Architecture
Communicate Daily (Hobby)
This English Online courses allow you to discover Asian architecture . It can be classified as a chronology of styles changing over time...
Food that is prepared during Diwali Food that is prepared during Diwali
Communicate Daily (Hobby)
in most Indian homes, food is at the centre of our culture and family get-togethers, and as such, it forms the focal point for Diwali...
Racial Discrimination Racial Discrimination
Intermediate Programme For Adults
Learning English in domestic or international policy with Professor parlalt. Speak on topics through social phenomena, it is the guarantee...
TOEIC Short Conversations Exercise 1 TOEIC Short Conversations Exercise 1
Language Proficiency Tests (scolaire)
TOEIC Part 3 : listen ten short conversations, each with 3 questions. For each question, choose the answer which you think fits best...