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Game: Brainstorming

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Описание курса :
This game focuses on enhancing your English vocabulary. The trainer will share a slide with a word and all you have to do is think about other words that are related to that word. E.g. ‘Office’ think of words that you can relate to an office, so some possible answers are: Office desk, files, computer, printer, office cabin, boardroom, cafeteria etc. You have to type the answers quickly and correctly on your Skype chat box so you can get as many points as you can. Of course, you can’t ask the trainer for the correct spelling, else that will be cheating!
Язык : английский
Категории : Начинающие (темы уровня A1 и A2)
CECR (Общеевропейские компетенции владения иностранным языком) : A1A2B1B2C1C2
Длительность : 30 минут
урок : Онлайн разговоры
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