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Групповые и индивидуальные занятия
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Групповые и индивидуальные занятия
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Групповые и индивидуальные занятия

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Уроки онлайн 7 дней в неделю с 6 до 23

Форум для вопросов
That means unlimited classes?
The subscriber can follow as many courses as they wish with no limit to the number for the duration of their subscription.
Is it really an individual course?
Yes, every session is conducted by a teacher of our teaching team especially during face to face.
How is a model course?
A session lasts 30 minutes with a private teacher. Depending on the selected theme, teaching with a course material, works of grammar, conversation, writing and reading.
How to subscribe to a contract?
Since the rates page by clicking on « I subscribe » and fill in their personal details on the registration page.
How to make a free trial?
Click on the Free Trial button that is located on the home page. The user fills her email account and Skype account and chose the date and time of maintenance.
How do the reservations?
The subscription allows you to book a course at a time during the duration of their subscription.

Each new reservation can be done from 30 minutes before the start of the course already booked.
Are the teachers qualified?
All our teachers are graduates with teaching experience. They are recruited with a neutral accent and their teaching abilities.
Can we choose his teacher, date and time of the course?
Yes, with each reservation, the user chose his course, his teacher, date and time.
How to unsubscribe?
The Albert subscription system is no obligation. The user can unsubscribe at any time from unmanned space by clicking on « Unsubscribe ».
Then I ask to teach to work on a particular subject?
Yes, you can ask the teacher to work on the topic of your choice (subject to review specific business). You can send documents to the teachers to use during the course.
Can we add more people on a subscription?
The subscription is personal and limited to a user. However, we have an option to add one or more users.

For EUR 5.90 / month, subscribers can add to its main account or a user (s) added.

The subscriber shares with the subscription are additional user, and reservation system is associated with each other.
Can we take intensive courses
If you want to make several classes a day, it is advisable to take the option to book their courses in advance.

The « Fast Booking » option entitles « 10-pass law » used on the duration of his subscription.

Pack 10 « Fast Booking » costs EUR 17.90

Ex: The user uses his subscription to book a course and « Fast booking » to reserve 3 additional courses with the teacher and the day of his choice. This leaves 7 Fast Booking to use.
Can I book several courses at once?
No, the main subscription can book a course at a time.

For those who wish to book several courses in advance, we offer an option that entitles an additional reservation over the duration of the subscription.

Price: EUR 14.90 / month for an additional booking continues.

Eg the user uses its main subscription to book a course, with the option, he can book a second course without waiting until the first is completed
A headset is it mandatory to take a course?
No, if you have a high-performance equipment in an noisy environment. Now, for better sound quality, we highly recommend using a headset.