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Soukaina Soukaina


1 Feedback
I'm an optimistic and adventurous person. I love travelling, exploring and learning new things. I'm passionate about languages. I like dancing, coffee and knitting.
32 years
671 Booked Sessions
Member Since January 2019
Speaks Arabic English French
Nouha Nouha


13 Feedback
I am in love with travelling, meeting new people and dedicated to protecting the environment.
29 years
938 Booked Sessions
Member Since December 2019
Speaks Arabic English French
Amira Amira


2 Feedback
French is a passion for me which I would like to share on the basis of my communication techniques.
31 years
488 Booked Sessions
Member Since March 2018
Speaks English French
Sabrine Sabrine


6 Feedback
In life, I highly value the power of sharing, kindness and attentive listening. I love reading, traveling and new discoveries.
31 years
182 Booked Sessions
Member Since May 2020
Speaks Arabic English French
Rim Rim


8 Feedback
I like music in all its infinite forms, reading and jogging. I'm also keenly interested in languages and world cultures.
36 years
223 Booked Sessions
Member Since July 2019
Speaks English French
Rahma Rahma


10 Feedback
I like discovering new cultures and mastering human communication. I am passionate about reading and writing.
27 years
392 Booked Sessions
Member Since May 2020
Speaks Arabic English French
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