Terms & Conditions

(Revised for 2020)

Any lesson booked with Albert Learning implies acceptance without reservation and complete adherence to these terms and conditions by the subscriber.
Article 1 : Service
Online language Lessons having a duration of 30 minutes each. These Lessons cater to various needs. The course types are outlined below:
  • Structured Programmes–for methodical learning. (Private Lessons)
  • 500 Words Programme–for basic conversation skills. (Private Lessons)
  • Job Interview Tips–for professionals and graduates looking for a job. (Private Lessons)
  • General English–for practice. (Private Lessons)
  • Free Discussion–general lessons with no specific topic. (Private or group lessons)
  • An ‘Exercise Corner’ which can be accessed from the students’ Dashboard. The student can choose and complete exercises online, from a range of levels and course types. Please note, the exercise corner is available only for English, French and Spanish courses.
Article 2 : Lesson Format
  • Albert Learning offers the lessons in two formats:
    • Individual Sessions: Subscribers with ‘Regular Subscription’ will be able to take private lessons as mentioned on the pricing page.
    • Group Sessions: These lessons are conducted in a group of 3 students. Users with subscription will be able to Join Unlimited Group Lessons depending on the availability of the group lessons.
  • Each session will have duration of 30 minutes.
  • Depending on the lesson booked, trainer will share the screen with students.
  • The general structure of the lesson will be: Introduction, vocabulary, lesson, exercises and summary
  • Students will receive a summary of their lesson via email after the lesson.
Article 3 : Course Availability on the Basis of Language
At Albert Learning we offer courses in English, French, Spanish, German and Russian. Here are the course types available in each language :
  • Structured Programme: English, French and Spanish
  • 500 Words Programme: English, French and Spanish
  • Job Interview Tips: English
  • General Practice: English, French, Spanish, Russian and German
  • Free Discussion: English, French, Spanish, Russian and German
Article 4 : Pre-Pay Pack(*Discontinued February 2020)
Albert Learning has introduced ‘Pre-Pay Packs’ ‘Pre-Pay Pack’ is a stand-alone package with following features :
  1. No subscription required
  2. It comes in four base pack: Basic, Duo, Trinity and Quartet.
  3. Students subscribed for ‘Pre-Pay Packs’ can book private lessons for all course types without any restrictions.
  4. Based on package purchased, each will have offers on number of free lessons* and number of additional free users. Number of additional free users will vary based on the lesson pack.The additional one time fee will be applicable for adding more users than mentioned in the subscribed package. For more information, refer to our Pricing section.
  5. Rollover policy: Once the package validity is expired and if students have unused lessons in their account, the balance lessons can be rolled over ONLY if the student purchases another same value or higher value ‘Pre-Pay Pack'.
  6. Lessons booked via ‘Pre-Pay Packs’ are exempt from the Absence Policy and the Fair Use Policy
  7. Albert Learning will provide a certificate after finishing the level.
*Since this is an introductory offer, Albert Learning reserves the right to change the number of free lessons or withdraw the offer in the future.
Article 5 : Fees/Pricing*
Subscription of unlimited lessons is mentioned under the Pricing Section on the website. The currency is adapted to the country of residence. However, a student may choose to pay in any other currency if required.
* Albert Learning reserves the right to change the fees with / without adequate notice to students.
Article 6 : Schedule and Time-Zone
Albert Learning offers courses from 6:20 A.M to 10:20 P.M. (France Time), throughout the week. Kindly note, students can view the schedule in their home country’s time by updating the ‘Time-Zone’ under Dashboard>Settings. For monthly and yearly subscribers, the schedule will be visible only for 7 days. Students those who have Fast Booking in their account can view the schedule for 21 days. Free Trial users can view the schedule for 7 days.
Article 7 : Regular and Fast Booking Options
Albert Learning offers regular monthly and annual subscriptions to students. The fees or pricing of each subscription type is available on our website under>Pricing. Apart from regular subscription, students can book lessons under a ‘Fast Booking’ option. We request you to read the the terms and conditions carefully to understand how lesson booking or joining rules apply to regular and Fast Booking subscribers.
Article 8 : What is 'Fast Booking'?
‘Fast Booking’ allows students to book several lessons in advance and helps students to plan their private lessons with specific teachers. ‘Fast bookings’ are exempt from the ‘Fair Use Policy’. Kindly note, this is over and above the subscription fees. ‘Fast booking’ can be purchased at anytime during the subscription (please refer your dashboard). Users those who have ‘Fast Booking’ in their account can view the schedule for 21 days.
Article 9 : Lesson Booking
Lesson booking is strictly governed by the ‘Fair Use Policy’ to ensure each student gets a fair chance to book lessons. Students are restricted by the system to book back-to-back ‘Free Discussion’ lessons with the same teacher unless you book with a Fast-Booking.

With Fast Booking, a student can book additional lessons (over and above their regular subscription lessons) depending on the number of Fast-Booking lessons purchased. As procedure, we send an email confirmation to each student when a lesson is booked.

      Sub Article 9.1(i) : For Regular Subscribers : Regular subscribers whether paid monthly or annually can book one lesson at a time. The student is however free to book more than one lesson depending on the availability of lessons and teachers. A student cannot book the second lesson until his/her currently booked lesson is completed/attended.

      Sub Article 9.1(ii) : For Fast Booking : With ‘Fast Booking’, a student can book additional lessons (over and above their regular subscription lessons) depending on the number of ‘Fast Booking’ lessons purchased. ‘Fast Booking’ subscribers, can book private lessons for all course types i.e. Free Discussion/ Structured Programmes/ General English Course, without any restrictions. Lessons booked via ‘Fast Booking’ are also exempt from the ‘Fair Use Policy’. As a procedure, we send an email confirmation to each student when a lesson is booked.

      Sub Article 9.1(iii) : For Pre-Pay Packs* : Lessons booked via ‘Pre-Pay pack’ pack will be one -on-one, however students have the option to share the session with other students to make it more interactive. Students subscribed to Pre-Pay pack’ will be exempted from the ‘Fair Use Policy’
Article 10 : Fair Use Policy What does Fair Use Policy mean and how does it apply to our ‘Unlimited Lessons’ offer?
The Unlimited lessons and Fair Use clause applies to annual and monthly subscribers ONLY. If students wish to be exempt from the Fair Use Policy, they may opt for our ‘Pre-Pay Packs’* (refer Article 4), mentioned on our website, under ‘Pricing’.

The subscriber may take private unlimited lessons with the Fair Use Policy (Refer Sub Article 10.1(i).

      Sub Article 10.1(i) : What is Fair Use Policy?
The ‘Fair Use Policy’ applies, only if a student crosses a certain number of private lessons each month. This limit is decided on a case to case basis depending on their monthly average per lesson spend. Students who fall under ‘Fair Use Policy’ will be restricted in booking Private Lessons for that month. However, these students will be able to join UNLIMITED Shared/ Group Lessons depending on the availability. Please note, ‘joining’ a new lesson is possible only after the end of the previous lesson. ‘Fair Use Policy’ resets every month depending on your subscription date students can again start booking private lessons. Moreover, joining a lesson depends on the lessons that are available according to the students' level for a particular day.

      Sub Article 10.1(ii) : How important is the Fair Use Policy for a student?
Although, Albert Learning provides unlimited private lessons for students based on convenience, it is often seen, some students misuse the ‘Unlimited Lessons’ booking service. This deprives others from booking lessons in their preferred time slots and with preferred teachers. This policy has been put in place, based on student feedback and complaints. The ‘Fair Use Policy’ gives a chance to each and every student to book lessons. This helps students focus and progress consistently in the course of their choice.

      Sub Article 10.2(i) : Average Monthly Balance Required Per Account
Each account will be allowed to book unlimited private lessons provided their Average Per lesson Fees does not drop below 3.4€ per lesson. This is kept in view of all our students who may not get to book lessons due to a few students who are booking too many lessons and abusing the system of Unlimited Private Lessons.
For E.g. (i) For users whose account average is more than 3.4 euros :
Alex’s account average is 6 euros. Alex can book more than 11 lessons per month until his account average drops to 3.4€. Once his account average is 3.4€ he will be able to book only 11 private lessons every month of his subscription.

(ii) For users whose account average is equal or less than 3.4 euros : Ben’s account average is 2.7€. He will be able to book only 11 private lessons every month of his subscription.
Article 11 : Instructions for Taking Lessons
The student needs to click on ‘Start Session’ by logging in to his/her Albert Learning account to begin a lesson. Please note, this button will remain active for up to 20 minutes after lesson start time.
Article 12 : Teacher of Choice
The subscriber may choose the teacher at the time of booking a lesson. However, this does not apply while booking a ‘Free Trial’ lesson. Choice of teacher will not be available under the Fair Use Policy (Article 10).
Article 13 : Choice of Topics
The student is free to choose the course type or topic. Kindly note, if the student chooses the ‘Structured Programme’, ‘500 Words Programme’ or ‘Job Interview Tips Programme’, he/she will have to follow the sequence of topics listed within the course. List of course type and topics can be viewed under Session>Choose Type of Session. Choice of topics will not be available or will be limited once your account comes under the Fair Use Policy (Article 10).

Student can skip the lesson by using the 'Exercise' button. However this will redirect him/her to the exercise corner. Scoring 75 points or more in that exercise is mandatory to skip that lesson and book the next one. Student can take this exercise more than once.
Article 14 : Subscription and Unsubscription
      Sub Article 14.1: Monthly Subscription: A monthly subscription is renewed automatically. Students subscribed to our monthly package can cancel their subscription and can subscribe again at any time. To unsubscribe, click on Dashboard>Subscription and Options and select Unsubscribe. The student has to unsubscribe 24 hours before the expiry date to avoid auto-renewal. If the student unsubscribes before the expiry date, he/she will continue to be eligible for our services till the renewal date.

      Sub Article 14.2: Annual Subscription: In case of an annual subscription, students’ subscription will remain valid for one year from the date of subscription. Kindly note, the student cannot claim a refund on the balance if he/she unsubscribes before the expiry date of the subscription.

      Sub Article 14.3: Please note, Albert Learning is not responsible if a subscription was not renewed due to payment related issues from the students’ end, these include but are not limited to:
  1. Credit Card Declined By the Bank
  2. Payment Not Received Because of Bank Account Related Issues
  3. Any Other Issues Arising From Payment Through Third-Party Gateways Like Paypal, Stripe, etc.
      Sub Article 14.4 Importance of Subscription Date While Booking Lessons in Advance: Students can book several lessons in advance with ‘Fast Booking’, however, if an Annual, Monthly or ‘Pre-Pay Pack’* subscriber tries to book any lesson/s after the subscription expiry date, the system will not allow. ‘Pre-Pay Pack’* subscribers cannot book lessons beyond the number of lessons mentioned in the pack they have purchased and beyond the expiry date of their pack. Refer below examples to understand:
  1. For monthly subscription: Example - If the subscription expiry date is 11th June 2018 and a student tries to book a lesson for 13th June 2018, he/she will not be allowed to book. The student will have to wait until (11th June 2018) the day his/her subscription is auto-renewed and then book.
  2. For annual subscription: Example - If the subscription expiry date is 11th June 2018 and a student tries to book a lesson for 13th June 2018, he/she will not be allowed to book. The student will have to buy another subscription and then book.
  3. For ‘Pre-Pay Pack’*: Example - If the subscription expiry date is 11th June 2018 and a student tries to book a lesson for 13th June 2018, he/she will not be allowed to book. The student will have to buy another subscription and then book.
Article 15 : Subscription Period and Renewal Date
A student’s subscription begins automatically upon payment of subscription fees. The subscription begins on the date of payment until the expiry as mentioned according to the services subscribed for.
Article 16 : Conditions Warranting Mandatory Subscription
Kindly note, a subscription is mandatory for any kind of booking including the ‘Fast Booking’ pack worth 39,99€ and 79,99€.
One cannot take lessons with this ‘Fast Booking’ pack unless it is accompanied with a subscription. Further, any balance lessons left in this ‘Fast Booking’ pack cannot be taken/booked unless the subscription is renewed.
Article 17 : Additional Users
      Sub Article 17.1 : Additional User Fees for Primary Account*
  • For Regular subscribers: Students can add users to his/her account. Additional monthly fees of 20€ per user per month will be applicable for each user added. Subscription for additional users will get renewed automatically on a monthly basis.
    *The additional user fee will be revised at the discretion of Albert Learning.
  • For ‘Pre-Pay Pack’* subscribers: Based on the pack purchased, primary user can add up to 4 additional students to his/her account for FREE (Number of additional free users will vary based on the lesson pack). To add an extra user above the free limit allowed in the subscribed package, additional one time fee will be applicable.
      Sub Article 17.2 : Changing or Transferring Accounts: Kindly note, once the primary account username is registered it canNOT be changed or transferred to another username. The same policy applies for additional user account(s).

The lessons will be allowed to be taken by the account holder who booked it. Other than the primary and/or additional account holders, no one else is allowed to take lessons. Further, primary account holders cannot take lessons under the additional account username.

      Sub Article 17.3 : Lesson Booking for Primary and Additional Account Users:
  • Regular subscribers:
    • Users can book only one lesson at a time. If in any case, the primary user books a lesson, additional user(s) will not be able to book any lesson and vice versa. For booking of multiple lessons, user can buy Fast Booking (Refer Article 8)
  • Pre-Pay Pack subscribers* :
    • A primary user and an additional user can book lessons specified in the pack they have subscribed for.
    • Example: for ‘Basic Pre-Pay Pack’, primary and additional users can book 22 lessons in total.
Article 18 : Cancellation of a Lesson
      Sub Article 18.1 : For Regular Bookings If the student is unavailable for a lesson, he/she should cancel the booking from the ‘Dashboard’ one hour before the lesson time. Albert Learning has the right to terminate a subscription after 10 missed lessons over a period of 2 months, without justification.

      Sub Article 18.2 : For Fast Booking/«Pre-Pay Pack»* : For lessons booked via ‘Fast Booking’, if the student is going to be absent for any reason, the lesson needs to be cancelled 6 hours before the start time. Further, a student cannot cancel a Fast Booking lesson after 6 hours and if he/she is absent, it will not be credited.

      Sub Article 18.3 : If a lesson is cancelled (for any reason), the same time slot for that day will NOT be available for booking once again.

      Sub Article 18.4 : If the lesson has been cancelled due to any reason from our end, it will get automatically credited.
Article 19 : Absence from a Lesson
Please note, students must attend the lesson within the first 20 minutes of the lesson time. Post 20 minutes, he/she will be marked absent and will not be permitted to take the lesson. Further, if a student is absent for a group lesson (Joining) for any given reason, he/she will not be able to take/join another lesson for the next 48 hours from the time of the lesson/s missed. For lessons which could not be taken due to Internet connectivity issues, please refer to the Internet Connectivity clause.
Article 20 : Availability of Lessons and Teachers
Albert Learning is committed to fulfilling your request within the limitations of availability of teachers and lessons.
Article 21 : Holidays
The holidays at Albert Learning are based on the national holidays of our teachers’ country.
Article 22 : Payment
Subscription payments for countries within the European Union, are accepted via credit card only. For countries outside EU, we do accept other modes of payment, kindly refer ‘Fees’ section.
Any default in payment would lead to an automatic cancellation from Albert Learning and you won't be able to book any lessons.
Albert Learning is not liable for any problems arising out of payment processes carried out via third-party websites. (outside the Albert Learning website).
Article 23 : Secure Payments
We use Stripe and Ingenico (EBS) for our secured payments. They are among the market leaders of payment services in the world. It is a guarantee of experience and high reliability of their payment solutions.
Article 24 : Billing & Invoicing
Payments made or owed by a subscriber get reflected in monthly invoices. Each invoice is available in the students’ dashboard for a period of 12 months, (except in cases of termination). Bills and invoices can be mailed to the student/s on request.
Article 25 : Technical Requirements
It is the responsibility of the student to arrange a computer or any other communication device which is compatible for taking a lesson with Albert Learning. (Broadband Internet connection, headset or speakers and microphone.) Albert Learning has also introduced Google Meet to conduct the lessons, in place of Skype and Appear. The student needs to install this application on his or device/s to be able to take lessons. Further, if for any reason, Google Meet does not work, only then can he/she use Skype or Appear as an alternative.
Article 26 : Right to Refund/No Refund
Right to Refund: Upon subscription, the subscriber has a period of 14 (fourteen) days to exercise his/her right to refund if he/she has NOT taken any lesson (excluding the Free Trial lesson), if this period lapses, the student will not be able to avail a refund.

If the subscriber takes a session before the end of the fourteen day period, the subscriber will not be able to exercise their right to refund.

The deadline mentioned above will be considered from the date of subscription. Your withdrawal request should be sent via email to contact@albert-learning.com or by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt at the following address: Albert Learning - 57 RUE DU ROUET 13008 MARSEILLE FRANCE

Any refund request made in accordance with the terms of this article will be considered and complied within 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of your e-mail or letter.

No Refund:
Payments are non-refundable and no refund or credit will be granted for a period of partial use*. At any time and regardless of the reason, we can grant a refund, discount or any other special commercial offers to some or all of our subscribers. The amount and form of such credits, as well as the decision to grant them, are at Albert Learning’s sole discretion. The fact that you are granted credits at one time does not give you right to credits in the future, and we are in no case obliged to grant you such credits in the future, irrespective of the circumstances. Partial use: included but not limited to: Taken one or a few lessons, Booked lesson not attended. Booked lesson and cancelled, Booked lesson and not cancelled.
Article 27 : Suspension/Termination
Albert Learning reserves the right to suspend/terminate subscription without notice under these circumstances :
  • In case of serious or repeated breaches of his/her legal or contractual obligations.
  • In the event of unfair use of the service by the subscriber
Following is an inclusive list of actions which may lead to suspension/termination :
  • Indecent behaviour/ body language and gestures which are deemed inappropriate.
  • Using foul language or racist or disrespectful comments during the sessions.
  • Insulting or ridiculing the teacher in any way.
  • Requesting Albert Learning teachers to take lessons outside Albert Learning environment is NOT allowed under any circumstances.
  • Any interaction with teachers outside of Albert Learning is considered a breach of privacy.
Albert Learning may, in addition, suspend the subscription in case of late or non payment of a bill, within a period of 15 days or immediately after a notification email is sent. On suspension, if the notification email still remains ignored for 8 days, Albert Learning will be entitled to terminate the contract by email. Termination will take effect from the end of the month during which the suspension process was initiated without refund.

The subscriber may unsubscribe any time from his/her Dashboard by clicking the Unsubscribe button. The subscriber continues to have access to services until the end of the current billing period, after which the subscription will be rendered inactive.
Article 28 : Offers
Our product offerings and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the website www.albert-learning.com. Moreover, any request of the past offers will not be catered to since they are valid only for a specific time. When a subscriber receives special benefits from a partner of Albert Learning, they cannot be combined with other special benefits offered on the Albert Learning’s site or by any other partner of Albert Learning.
Article 29 : Confidential information and protection of privacy
Albert Learning respects your privacy. All information that we receive from you, will be confidential and used only for clearly defined purposes. This information allows us to improve our relationship with you, for example to select suitable topics for your sessions or send material based on your requirements.

Albert Learning reserves the right to update customers by e-mail or through notifications about any changes in services or commercial offers. We do not share or sell your private information to third parties.

Consequently, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning him/her.

You can contact Albert Learning at any time if you have any questions about our privacy policy, by sending an e-mail to contact@albert-learning.com (Europe) or asia-support@albert-learning.com (Asia).

If you wish to remove your personal information from our database, please email us using these same addresses.

The subscriber undertakes that Albert Learning has the right to use the information thus obtained for lawful purposes, in accordance with the legislation in force, and to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth above or any other indication given as part of these terms and conditions.
Article 30 : Copyright
All content including presentations, comments, illustrations and images reproduced on the Albert Learning website are reserved under copyright and are the intellectual property of Albert Learning, applicable worldwide. As such and in accordance with the Code of Intellectual Property, only personal and non-commercial use of these is permitted, subject to different or more restrictive provisions of the code of Intellectual Property. However, the customer is forbidden, to use or to copy, reproduce, disseminate, sell, publish, utilise in any other manner and distribute in another format in electronic or any other form, the information presented on the Albert Learning website. Consequently, any other use constitutes counterfeiting and is punishable under copyright unless it is with prior permission from Albert Learning. Total or partial reproduction of the Albert Learning site is strictly prohibited. The reproduction of one or more texts and services available on the Albert Learning site, whether in their entirety or not, is subject to reproduction rights. The reproduction of one or more texts and services available on the Albert Learning site, whether in their entirety or not, is subject to reproduction rights.
Article 31 : Guarantees – Limited Liability
Albert Learning can not guarantee in any case, that the services offered, will not suffer any interruptions. Albert Learning’s services is limited to an obligation of means.
Article 32 : External Links
Any request should be in written form and sent to contact@albert-learning.com (Europe) or asia-support@albert-learning.com (Asia).
Albert Learning has no means to control any external sites and sources, and will not answer for or guarantee the availability of the same. Albert Learning does not appropriate the content to which these sites or sources give access, and excludes all liability and guarantee with regard to such content.
Article 33 : Transfer of Information
The customer will NOT transfer any kind of information like content or teacher details to any third party. All the information is strictly intended for professional use or learning purpose at all times.
Article 34 : Applicable Law
The terms and conditions, all acts and operations hereunder and the rights and obligations of the parties hereto shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with French law and the parties will comply with the jurisdiction of France.
Article 35 : Jurisdiction
If the parties fail to settle disputes relating to general conditions within fifteen (15) days following a written notification by one party to the other concerning this dispute, the latter shall be settled by the competent court.
Article 36 : Severability Clause
In the eventuality that any provision of the general conditions is deemed unenforceable under applicable law, the parties agree to renegotiate in good faith in order to preserve the economic position they enjoy, as close to the one mentioned under the provision rendered inapplicable. If they fail to replace this provision in a mutually acceptable and applicable way, (i) this provision will be excluded from general conditions, (ii) the rest of the general conditions will be interpreted as if such provision was excluded, (iii) the remaining general conditions shall apply in accordance with the terms of the latter.
Article 37 : Entirety of the agreement
The terms and conditions represent the entirety of the agreement between the client and Albert Learning in regard to the planned purpose.
Article 38 : Unavoidable Situations / Force majeure
Albert Learning and any third party involved in provision of the service shall not be liable in the event of product failures or delay in the execution of their obligations under the terms and conditions, resulting from causes independent of their will, including but not limited to any case of force majeure, acts of civil or military authorities, fires, floods, earthquakes, riots, wars, sabotage, network failures, coding errors in electronic files, software limitations or inability to obtain telecommunication services or government measures, provided, however, that the parties concerned take all reasonable steps to mitigate the effects of such situations.
Article 39 : Basis for Negotiation
The client and Albert Learning acknowledge and agree that the disclaimers and limitations of liability and redress contained in the General Conditions are tangible, and are the basis of the terms and conditions.
Article 40 : Internet / General Issues
      Sub Article 40.1 : Issues Arising From the Student’s End: Teachers need to be informed by the student if he/she has Issues concerning internet connectivity or any other logistical problems (e.g. equipment failure), Albert Learning will not be held accountable and no extra session/compensation will be given in these circumstances.

      Sub Article 40.2 : Issues Arising From the Teacher’s End: If for some reason logistical issues arising from the teacher’s end result in the session not being conducted, kindly inform us at contact@albert-learning.com (Europe) or asia-support@albert-learning.com (Asia) and we will look into the matter.

      Sub Article 40.3 : Internet Connectivity Issues From the Teacher’s End: If the teacher faces internet connectivity issues, he/she will do a speed test and call quality test with the internal support desk, if the issue/s is/are resolved the session will continue as usual. If for any reason the session can not be conducted by the teacher, you will be informed by the teacher about it. For any queries you can always get in touch with our customer service desk.
Article 41 : Session Booking
      Sub Article 41.1 : Recording Permission: Some students record sessions with use of software, webcams and/or other equipment. This is allowed ONLY if the teacher gives consent or permission to record a session.

      Sub Article 41.2 : Use of Recorded Sessions: Recording a session should be done for personal and non-commercial use only. If, for any reason, a user, employee or third-party wishes to use the recordings for commercial use, e.g. selling, prior permission from Albert Learning and its associated companies is required. Selling/reproducing the sessions (and/or associated content) without permission is and will be considered a cause for legal action.

At any point of time, the above Terms and Conditions will be changed or modified at Albert Learning’s discretion and with or without notification to the subscriber.
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