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Frequently Asked Questions
Are the teachers qualified to teach English?
All our teachers are recruited on the basis of their academic qualifications. They are perfectly bilingual, their grammar and their vocabulary are perfect. In addition, they have been trained by Albert to speak in a neutral accent. We have also trained them to take sessions on Skype in the best possible manner.
Is Skype a good tool to learn English?
You can test the quality of the session on Skype during the free trial. It allows you to converse very smoothly. There is no breakdown in communication and some of the features of Skype make sharing the course content easy. And finally, Skype can be installed on a computer, smartphone and even a tablet.
How do you manage to keep the prices so low?
The fact that the teachers are in India and the low maintenance infrastructure together helps us in keeping the prices low. But that doesn’t affect the quality of teaching at, which is of the highest level.
Can you prove your transparency?
It is possible to cancel a booking at any time before 10 minutes of the session. It is recommended that you plan your bookings and cancellation well in advance, to avoid inconvenience to the teachers. And to other students as well.
Can I cancel a reservation?
It is possible to cancel a reservation at any time up to 10 minutes before the start of the course. Acknowledgement is requested to plan ahead when you book a course and cancel as soon as possible in case of unexpected out of respect vis-à-vis the teacher, but also to make accessible to other slot potential users.
Is it possible to choose the teacher when booking a course?
It is very easy to book a teacher. As our web site gives complete view of all the trainer's schedule . So you will know the availability of a specific trainer.
Can I use Skype without video?
It is possible to make a course on Skype without using video.
Do the teachers speak French?
All our teachers are Indian and do not speak French but they have a translation tool to chat in French.
What will happen if the internet connection is interrupted during a course?
You must identify which is the source of the problem and check if your internet connection works properly. if this is the case, contact customer service.
Can I ask the teacher to work on a particular topic?
You can request the trainer to work on a particular topic of your choice.
Can I track my English classes from a mobile device such as my smartphone or tablet?
Yes, just install the Skype application on your mobile device and will even connect with your Skype account.
The headset is it mandatory during the course?
No, if you have performance equipment (speakers and microphone) in a quiet environment so you can spend headset.
How the course of unlimited English?
The principle could not be simpler: during your subscription month, you can take as many courses as you like depending on your availability and that of your professors. Simply book the individual or group courses, one at a time, and then wait until you call your teacher on Skype.
Can I book several English classes at the same time?
No, the subscription system offers unlimited classes, but you must first do a course to be able to book another in an organizational concern. However, if you need multiple courses in a row, it is possible to book your second course 30 minutes before the start of the first course booked.
Can I book my English class at the last minute?
Yes of course, if availability permits you, it is possible to book your course until 10 minutes in advance. This time period is necessary especially for the teacher to have time to take his knowledge (or her) student (s) and the subject of the course.
Is it possible to follow an English course in two on the same machine?
Although it is not possible to add multiple users for free on the same account, it is however possible to follow the same course, two on one computer. If you use a headset, you will be advisable to add a second, but if you are in a calm and quiet and that your device has a microphone and sufficient speakers, you can follow the during several easily.
Are enough of Indian teachers and available?
The management that operates Albert on his teachers based in India is done with the utmost care for maximum efficiency and comfort for its users. Albert is well aware of the needs and expectations of each client, and includes some require follow English classes intensively. This is why the figures on current bookings are regularly monitored in order to best adapt working time of our Indian teachers and thus continually offer free slots.
Can I stop my subscription when I want?
Yes of course, you can stop your subscription at any time whenever you want by clicking on the unsubscribe button present on your personal account.
However, any month started is due, so if you want to cancel your subscription, you are advised to do so before your birthday on pain of being taken for the following month (see if you take a subscription on 15 of the month, your birthday will be every 15 of each month of the year).
What will happen if after booking a group course, I'm the only one here?
Although it is quite rare for this to happen, if you find yourself alone after booking a group class, it is therefore automatically transforms individual course where you can choose, like other individual courses, the topic of conversation your choice.
If you absolutely want to follow a collective and not individual courses, you will be able to cancel it freely.
Can I save my English class?
Yes, thanks to MP3 Skype Recorder software, you have the option to save your current session in audio format (MP3). You can view our installation tutorial and use this at the top of this page!