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Frequently Asked Questions
Are the teachers qualified?
The teachers at Albert Learning are highly qualified and experts in the field of teaching languages. We have trained them to make sessions interactive for the best results.
Are applications like Google Meet, Skype or Appear effective for learning languages?
We prefer using Google Meet to conduct our lessons, instead of Skype and Appear. Though all 3 are effective, of late, many students and teachers have experienced problems when using Skype like, call disruption, poor video or call quality, issues with screen sharing. Google Meet takes care of all these and provides seamless streaming during sessions. Finally, all 3 can be easily accessed on a computer or mobile device, by downloading their respective apps.
Can I cancel a lesson?
It is possible to cancel a lesson 1 hour before the lesson time. Please note, for a lesson booked with 'Fast Booking', it should be cancelled 6 hours before start time. Please refer Article 15 of our Terms & Conditions.
Is it possible to choose a teacher when booking a lesson?
The teacher's schedule can be viewed on our website, so it is easy for you choose a teacher when booking a lesson.
Can I take lessons with my video off?
Yes, you may take lessons with your video off.
Do the teachers know more than one language?
Many of our teachers are fluent in more than one language.
What happens if I face internet connectivity issues and my lesson is disrupted or doesn't take place?
If you are unable to connect or your lesson is disrupted due internet connectivity issues, please inform the teacher via e-mail.
What happens if the lesson does not take place or is disrupted because of internet connectivity issues from the teacher's end?
If the teacher has connectivity issues from his/her end and your lesson did not take place at all or was disrupted, we request you to e-mail our customer service on this id:
Can I request the teacher to change the topic during a lesson?
If you choose General English courses you can request the teacher to change the topic. This rule does not apply for Structured or 500 Words Programmes.
Is it possible to take lessons from an Android or IOS mobile phone or tablet?
It is possible to take lessons from an Android or IOS mobile phone or tablet. Simply downlaod the apps for Skype and Appear on your device. The apps will work on any one of these browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini and Vivaldi.
Is a headset mandatory for taking lessons?
If you have quality equipment with speakers and a microphone you don't need a headset. But we do recommend you to use headphone for better audio experience.
Is there a limit to the number of lessons that can be booked per day?
There is no limit to the number of lessons which can be booked in day, however, we do recommend you limit the number of bookings to 2 per day. This is in line with our Fair Use policy in Terms & Conditions Article 4 (4.1), which allows more students to book lessons and also helps you keep focus during your course. For more details kindly refer our Terms & Conditions.
Can I book more than 1 lesson at a time?
You can book more than 1 lesson at a time if you have 'Fast Booking'. For regular booking you can book another lesson only at the start time of your previously booked lesson.
Can I book lessons at the last minute?
You are allowed to book lessons 20 minutes prior to a lesson start time.
Can two people take a lesson from the same machine at the same time?
It is not possible to take a lesson with two students sharing the same machine, however, can book Group lessons, or share your lesson, with fellow students of Albert Learning if you prefer.
Can I unsubscribe at any time?
Students who have a monthly subscription can unsubscribe any time before 24 hours of the renewal date. E.g. If your monthly subscription start date is 11th June, your renewal date will be 11th July. So you will have to unsubcribe 24 hours before i.e. on 10th July.
What happens if I book a Group Lesson and I'm the only student present?
Although rare, the lesson will continue as an Individual one.
Can the lessons be recorded?
Students can install MP3 recorder for Skype to record and save their lessons. However, students neeed to take permission from the teacher before recording a lesson. Finally, using the lessons for commercial use like sales/promotion/advertising/sourcing to competitors is strictly prohibited under Albert Learning's copyright policy and guidelines.