Behind Albert Learning is the desire to widen access to a new method of learning languages..

The creation of Albert Learning
It all started in the year 2011 when one IT consultant, Mr David Ansellem met another IT consultant Mr Jinesh Kawa and shared a common business idea. Eventually, they introduced to the world « » a small yet enticing company to provide quality English lessons at affordable prices with a tinge of fun.

The first training centre started under the brand name 'Wheresjenny' and had only 3 trainers with a handful of students.

Since then, « Wheresjenny » has evolved into being « Albert-Learning » but the goal remains the same, which is to provide the world with 'Quality English Lessons at Affordable Prices With A Tinge Of Fun'.

Albert-Learning now has 43+ teachers and counting along with over 1000 students around the world.

Mr David Ansellem (France):
Father of four, Oracle Expert and a technology enthusiast who likes to keep himself fit and engage in providing something different to the society.
Mr Jinesh Kawa (India):
Application Trainer and a Functional expert who likes to generate a lot of ideas and share knowledge for a better world.

We are now one of the leading and affordable virtual English training organisations in France with Trainers from many countries working with us.

Since inception, Albert has introduced learning platforms for Individuals, Schools, and Enterprises.
What do we do ?
Each day, we come to office with three goals:
  • To enhance our student's knowledge of English Language.
  • Maintain student satisfaction at all times.
  • And to make sure it remains affordable at all times.
How do we conduct our training ?
Learning a language involves constant practice with real life situations. Our method is simple, the more you practice a language the more you learn. We believe in the constant enhancement of your English language skills through daily sessions which revolve around various topics of the day to day life.
Who is it for ?
It is for everyone in the world who is keen to learn English and also improve their Spoken English proficiency.
How will it help me ?
In today's world, English is used in all walks of life. Whether it is travelling to a country, attending a business meeting or job interviews, most of the organisations you deal with speak a common language which is English. Albert can help you deal with all the situations you face while dealing with such organisations.

English Training with Albert will surely make you feel more confident and we will ensure you don't have to think twice before speaking to someone in English.
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