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Mayssa Mayssa


17 Feedback
I love music, history and arts. I am easy going and love interacting with people from different cultures and learning languages.
22 years
616 Booked Sessions
Member Since January 2021
Speaks Arabic English French
Sana Sana


13 Feedback
I am passionate about reading and music. I have an ease in establishing human relationships that will leave positive impact on others and an often optimistic vision.
25 years
147 Booked Sessions
Member Since
Speaks Arabic French
Jihen Jihen


24 Feedback
Learning is my passion. I love travelling and adventures. Music is what motivates me to do better.
22 years
1078 Booked Sessions
Member Since October 2020
Speaks English French
Sabrine Sabrine


99 Feedback
In life, I highly value the power of sharing, kindness and attentive listening. I love reading, traveling and new discoveries.
32 years
888 Booked Sessions
Member Since May 2020
Speaks Arabic English French
Rim Rim


18 Feedback
I like music in all its infinite forms, reading and jogging. I'm also keenly interested in languages and world cultures.
37 years
525 Booked Sessions
Member Since July 2019
Speaks English French
Faten Faten


1 Feedback
I am passionate about sports and technology. I like to share knowledge and help others.
5 Booked Sessions
Member Since June 2021
Speaks English French
Bochra Bochra


47 Feedback
Passionate about travelling, psychology, personality development, body language, music, volunteering, nature and painting.
23 years
990 Booked Sessions
Member Since November 2020
Speaks Arabic English French
Feryel Feryel


24 Feedback
I am a dynamic person. I love to share my knowledge with others and help them understand things better. Music is my passion.
26 years
624 Booked Sessions
Member Since February 2021
Speaks Arabic English French
Soukaina Soukaina


49 Feedback
I'm an optimistic and adventurous person. I love travelling, exploring and learning new things. I'm passionate about languages. I like dancing, coffee and knitting.
33 years
1253 Booked Sessions
Member Since January 2019
Speaks Arabic English French
Ameni Ameni


8 Feedback
Captivated by reading and traveling, I adhere to the culture of exchange and I really like to socialize, last but not least I invest myself in the tasks I do.
23 years
447 Booked Sessions
Member Since December 2020
Speaks Arabic English French
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