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Sahar Sahar


15 Feedback
My main passions are language and travel. I love to explore new places, interact with people and learn about different cultures.
28 years
786 Booked Sessions
Member Since April 2017
Speaks English French Arabic
Rym Rym


1 Feedback
The Communication with others is the key to success. That's why I love learning other languages and discovering other cultures.
24 years
228 Booked Sessions
Member Since September 2017
Speaks English French Arabic
Houda Houda


4 Feedback
My name is Houda, I would like to share with you my knowledge in French, I will make sure that you understand everything.
23 years
421 Booked Sessions
Member Since August 2017
Speaks French Arabic
Emna Emna


5 Feedback
The human interaction is very important and languages are the mean of communication between humans, that's why I learn and teach languages.
24 years
457 Booked Sessions
Member Since August 2017
Speaks English French Arabic
Hend Hend


19 Feedback
I have an endless love for French language. I have made this passion my profession. Teaching, communicating and sharing is my motto.
24 years
744 Booked Sessions
Member Since February 2017
Speaks French Arabic
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