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Ashley Ashley


21 Feedback
I'm an avid reader, love cooking and making new friends! And I hope to travel the entire world one day!
1040 Booked Sessions
Member Since September 2023
Speaks English French
Monica Monica


5 Feedback
An ambitious person who loves working out. I'm passionate about helping people learn and improve.
616 Booked Sessions
Member Since January 2024
Speaks English French
Maisie Maisie


3 Feedback
I adore exploring different languages and find immense joy in sharing knowledge and empowering others to learn.
179 Booked Sessions
Member Since April 2024
Speaks English French
Rim Rim


42 Feedback
I like music in all its infinite forms, reading and jogging. I'm also keenly interested in languages and world cultures.
2085 Booked Sessions
Member Since July 2019
Speaks English French
Katy Katy


23 Feedback
I'm a literature enthusiast who finds solace in nature's embrace and delights in the company of animals.
1256 Booked Sessions
Member Since August 2023
Speaks English French
Soukaina Soukaina


72 Feedback
I'm an optimistic and adventurous person. I love travelling, exploring and learning new things. I'm passionate about languages. I like dancing, coffee and knitting.
3015 Booked Sessions
Member Since January 2019
Speaks Arabic English French
Millie Millie


11 Feedback
My interest lies more in reading and I love watching movies too.
1430 Booked Sessions
Member Since February 2023
Speaks English French
Steph Steph


15 Feedback
I am motivated, passionate, excited about trying new adventures, learning from others experiences and transmit my knowledge.
725 Booked Sessions
Member Since November 2023
Speaks English French
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