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Anne Anne


1 Feedback
I love food, cooking, and practicing sports. I enjoy learning new languages.
56 Booked Sessions
Member Since November 2023
Speaks English French Spanish
Megan Megan


7 Feedback
I love languages, art, and sports. I am a communication and culture enthusiast. I also enjoy travelling.
792 Booked Sessions
Member Since June 2023
Speaks English Spanish
Nick Nick


4 Feedback
I am very interested in the history and evolution of languages, and the etymology of words.
275 Booked Sessions
Member Since September 2023
Speaks English French Spanish
Allison Allison


1 Feedback
I love making and eating desserts. I enjoy doing outdoor activities, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.
224 Booked Sessions
Member Since October 2023
Speaks English Spanish
Christian Christian


18 Feedback
I can create an engaging and interactive learning environment that fosters a love for language and ensures language growth.
409 Booked Sessions
Member Since August 2023
Speaks English Spanish
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