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Luz Victoria Luz Victoria

Luz Victoria

5 Feedback
I teach Spanish and Italian. I like to read and enjoy the sea. In addition, I am passionate about teaching the Castilian language and its culture.
31 years
577 Booked Sessions
Member Since June 2017
Speaks Italian Spanish
Pablo Pablo


10 Feedback
I am very passionate about the meditative arts. I love photography and tea. Also, I am very curious about discovering new cultures.
29 years
293 Booked Sessions
Member Since September 2017
Speaks English Spanish
Federico Federico


1 Feedback
I am a Mexican passionate traveler and world explorer. I love people and their differences that at the end are similar to me anyhow.
41 years
42 Booked Sessions
Member Since January 2018
Speaks Italian English French Spanish
Adrian Adrian


7 Feedback
I am a cheerful person, I like to travel and meet new people, I believe we can learn new things, as long as we have the passion.
34 years
592 Booked Sessions
Member Since March 2017
Speaks English Spanish
Edder Edder


56 Feedback
Hi! I like learning and teaching languages. I love music. In fact, I play the piano and sing. My favorite hobbies are traveling and exploring diverse cultures.
32 years
609 Booked Sessions
Member Since August 2017
Speaks English French Spanish
Rosa Elena Rosa Elena

Rosa Elena

1 Feedback
I am Mexican. I really like working with children. I like music, dancing and learning different languages. I am dynamic and creative.
38 years
103 Booked Sessions
Member Since December 2017
Speaks English Spanish
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