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Megan Megan


13 Feedback
I love languages, art, and sports. I am a communication and culture enthusiast. I also enjoy travelling.
1601 Booked Sessions
Member Since June 2023
Speaks English Spanish
Georgina Georgina


I'm an empathetic and patient individual, known for my trustworthiness and responsibility.
0 Booked Sessions
Member Since June 2024
Speaks English Spanish
Marjorie Marjorie


5 Feedback
I'm a passionate traveler who loves music. Also enjoys reading books and doing sports.
503 Booked Sessions
Member Since March 2024
Speaks English French Spanish
Anne Anne


7 Feedback
I love food, cooking, and practicing sports. I enjoy learning new languages.
987 Booked Sessions
Member Since November 2023
Speaks English French Spanish
Abby Abby


10 Feedback
Different cultures from all around the world interest me and also enjoy watching movies.
817 Booked Sessions
Member Since December 2023
Speaks English Spanish
Carolina Carolina


1 Feedback
I am a friendly and enthusiastic person with a passion for languages, and I enjoy teaching and sharing my love for languages.
381 Booked Sessions
Member Since March 2024
Speaks English Spanish
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